Ethics & Compliance

Smith Industrial Service, Inc. values ethics and compliance in every aspect of our business. We have in place a comprehensive Ethics and Compliance Program to ensure our commitment to the highest standards of corporate conduct and ethics. We strive to promote a culture that encourages ethical business conduct throughout all levels of our organization and to detect and prevent violations of law or company policy.

The program is designed to be inclusive and encompass all aspects of our daily business, and uses several approaches to reinforce ethical behavior. The Company officers actively support this program, and review and update it regularly to reflect the quickly changing business climate.

We recognize that not every event can be defined or predicted; therefore, we encourage our employees to always try to “do the right thing” in any situation.


The company has designed and implemented an inclusive Code of Conduct to clearly communicate to all its employees at all levels of the organization the expectations regarding compliance with all state, federal, and local regulations, as well as ethical conduct. The intent of the guidelines in the Code of Conduct are meant to protect the reputation, business, prospects or operations of Smith Industrial Services, Inc. as well as their customers, vendors, and employees.