Centrifugal Pumps

Our line of GR Gorman-Rupp Quiet-Flow, 3″ to 6″ centrifugal pumps with a capacity of 1,200 to 9,000 GPM are the top of the line for de-watering projects, sewer bypass work, chemical circulation, and moving water from one location to another. We also have a line of trash pumps that are ideal for pumping water containing solids such as mud sticks and other foreign materials. Applications include construction, mining and agriculture.

Dry Vacuum Work

SIS uses Guzzler Vacuum Equipment for clean-up of materials from areas such as ash pits, tanks, sumps, boilers, conveyor belts and all types of vessels. Guzzler is the leading manufacturer of this type of equipment and provides production that is second to none. This unit has high-volume blowers delivering up to 6000CFM with 28 inches of vacuum.

Wet Vacuum Work

For wet vacuum work our top-of-the-line Keith Huber vacuum trucks are designed for cleanup and removal of any liquid or semi-liquid from areas such as sumps, clarifiers, ponds, u-drains, quarries, sewer lines, tanks, bilges, oil pits, etc. All vacuum trucks have high CFM vacuum pumps for use in industrial applications.

Chemical Cleaning

SIS provides chemical cleaning services to the Pulp & Paper industry, Chemical Plants, and Oil and Gas fields throughout the U.S. The SIS process assures safety, quality, dependability and cost-effectiveness.

We know that turn-around time is important to you. To get you back up and running as quickly as possible, our crews are briefed with a full process game plan for all projects prior to hitting the site. This assures that during each process the next phase is being prepared and is ready to implement. No wasted time means faster turn-around.

An SIS project manager will consider system metallurgy, flow rates, degree of fouling and operational parameters. Using a wide range of chemistry including alkalis, acids, inhibitors, wetting agents, sequestrates and organic solvents, we will utilize the optimal chemical formulation of your job.

Chemical Cleaning Services include but are not limited to:

• Exchanger and condenser cleaning
• Black Liquor Heating
• Piping – Green Liquor Lines
• Cooling Water System
• Tanks – De-gassing / De-oiling / De-greasing
• Column Cleaning – Refining and Chemical industry
• Foam Cleaning Fin Fans
• Continuous Digesters – Pulp & Paper
• Power Boilers
• Recovery Boilers
• Vapor phasing of boiler tubes
• Passivation
• Hydrofoam® Cleaning
• Solids Separation
• H.F. Alky Unit Cleaning
• Clear-For-Entry Degassing: Tanks, Towers and Systems
• Laboratory Analysis
• Project Management