Centrifugal Pumps

Our line of GR Gorman-Rupp Quiet-Flow, 3″ to 6″ centrifugal pumps with a capacity of 1,200 to 9,000 GPM are the top of the line for de-watering projects, sewer bypass work, chemical circulation, and moving water from one location to another. We also have a line of trash pumps that are ideal for pumping water containing solids such as mud sticks and other foreign materials. Applications include construction, mining and agriculture.

Dry Vacuum Work

SIS uses Guzzler Vacuum Equipment for clean-up of materials from areas such as ash pits, tanks, sumps, boilers, conveyor belts and all types of vessels. Guzzler is the leading manufacturer of this type of equipment and provides production that is second to none. This unit has high-volume blowers delivering up to 6000CFM with 28 inches of vacuum.

High Velocity Sewer Jetting

Smith Industrial Service is capable of clearing any line regardless of size or type.  We can also help you minimize the maintenance required in line cleaning.  In addition to high-velocity sewer jetting, we have a variety of line-cleaning  techniques for all sewer and drain lines.


Smith Industrial Service has a complete line of Jetstream Hydroblasting Equipment with pumps ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 psi. Hydroblasting is used in fields such as power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, and refineries. Combining the new technology of Jetstream Equipment with decades of SIS experience and knowledge, gives us the confidence to know that your job will be completed beyond expectations.

Specialized Hydroblasting Applications

With high-pressure water up to 40,000 psi and volumes up to 100 gallons per minute we can match any application with the right pressures and flows to complete each job faster, safer, and cleaner. Some of the specialized applications include:

  • Bundle Blasting
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Large diameter pipe and sewer jetting
  • Suction (Couch) roll cleaning
  • Evaporator cleaning
  • Smelt bed remover
  • Metal cutting
  • Non-entry vessel and tank cleaning
  • Hydro steel, concrete cutting and demolition
  • Structural cleaning and de-coating

Submersible Hydraulic Pumps

Our complete line of submersible hydraulic pumps will provide efficient removal of sludge, sewage, mud, silt and other viscous materials. They are ideal for a wide range of applications, and are effective moving high volumes of liquid in a short period of time. Hydraulic submersible pumps do not have suction lift problems common with centrifugal pumps. Some of these applications include sumps, dewatering ponds, clarifiers, digesters and degritting sewer lines.

Video Pipe Inspection

With the latest technology our digital, intrinsically safe, remote video cameras allow us to inspect old and new pipes to issues such as infiltration, deterioration, joint separation, liner delimitation and other problems saving excavation time and money by knowing the exact spot to dig for repairs. We have several systems which allow us to inspect pipes from 1 to 120 inches in diameter. Our mainline system is the first of its kind in the Southeast and is capable of capturing video from inside of lines with precise detail, material type, diameter, total length, length surveyed, address and location details.

Hydro Excavation

Smith Industrial Services  Non- Destructive Hydro-Excavation service is sometimes necessary to increase the safety of workers and prevent costly and dangerous damage when digging near service lines of any kind. Hydro-Excavation replaces backhoe and other conventional digging methods. A combination of high pressure water and vacuum quickly dig and clean around pipes and service lines without damage. SIS is currently using this method in Gas Fields with Electric Power Providers with Municipalities and others.

The SIS Non- Destructive Hydro-Excavating method is also useful in:
• cage and trench shoring
• potholing
• piling holes
• horizontal directional drilling


Wet Vacuum Work

For wet vacuum work our top-of-the-line Keith Huber vacuum trucks are designed for cleanup and removal of any liquid or semi-liquid from areas such as sumps, clarifiers, ponds, u-drains, quarries, sewer lines, tanks, bilges, oil pits, etc. All vacuum trucks have high CFM vacuum pumps for use in industrial applications.